[Watch] On-Demand Recording: Sustainability in Manufacturing Virtual Summit 'Design for Repair / Reuse / Recycle'

On this panel from the Sustainability in Manufacturing Virtual Summit, experts from the Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Product Development industries discuss 'Design for Repair / Reuse / Recycle' and the impact of sustainability when bringing a product to market.

Here is the on-demand video recording:


Recap and Resources:

  • Importance of choice for developers, designers, product owners, startups as well as larger companies as it relates to designing for sustainable practices
  • Early decisions cast long shadows – how choices early on come in to play
  • Is there a point at which it's too late to incorporate sustainable design choices or are there things you can do at any stage to improve your processes or design? 
  • Business incentives around designing for sustainable manufacturing
    • Impression is that it's the right thing to do but much more expensive
    • How do you make a business case for that; is there a business upside?
  • Startups in unique position to have blue sky / green field; a lot of startups need VC dollars
    • Does sustainability fit into business model?
  • Is there a difference in terms of if you're designing for cradle to cradle or cradle to grave / end of life?
    • Nuances in designing for repair vs recycle vs reuse
  • Is there low-hanging fruit for sustainability, or how much of a hill do we have to climb in order to be able to incorporate some of these practices?
  • What is the low-hanging fruit that everyone should be doing or no one should be doing? (not just materials related)
  • How do you know what waste resources are available and the quality of that waste in the substrates and materials you're using?
  • Design for more complex technosphere product (like a smartphone)
    • Incentivize design to repair / reuse / recycle?
  • What new types of systems or infrastructure do we think that we need to continue to make success stories?
    • How can we as designers and engineers better access and understand those systems?



If you have any additional questions in regards to sustainability in manufacturing, feel free to reach out: help@dragoninnovation.com

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