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The manufacturing process is a challenging one. There are many steps from turning inspiration into a tangible product, which takes time and discipline. Learn from manufacturing experts about what you need to know in order to launch successful products in the Dragon Innovation Blog.


4 minute read | September 4, 2018

Initial Concept to Design for Manufacturing: Prototype Properly in 6 Easy Steps

To prototype properly you'll need focus, help from friends and definitely creativity. Every product... Read More
3 minute read | February 6, 2018

Chinese New Year 2018

Happy Chinese New Year 2018! Read More
2 minute read | April 21, 2017

Hardware Startup Realities: The good, the bad, and the legal

Entrepreneurship can be a wild ride. People start companies because they have passion and a big idea Read More
9 minute read | March 9, 2016

The Quality Plan - A Critical Piece of the Hardware Puzzle

When introducing the need to create a Quality Plan with our customers, we usually get a combined... Read More
5 minute read | October 21, 2015

How to Choose a Contract Manufacturer: OEM vs. ODM

In a recent post about the Manufacturing Request For Quote Process, we briefly touched upon the... Read More
8 minute read | October 1, 2015

Certifications For Hardware Products: What you Need to Know (Part 3)

To conclude our certifications series, we review some of the major decisions you'll need to make... Read More
3 minute read | May 26, 2015

US Manufacturing Shines: Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at the TTI/Vanguard Making Things conference in Detroit.... Read More
6 minute read | March 24, 2015

6 things to consider as IoT intersects medical devices

We’re on the verge of a fascinating intersection—perhaps collision—as the world of Internet of... Read More

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