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Turning inspiration into a tangible product takes time and discipline. Thinking about manufacturing at this stage will help save time later when you’re ready to work with us.

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Initial Concept to Design for Manufacturing: Prototype Properly in 6 Easy Steps

To prototype properly you'll need focus, help from friends and definitely creativity. Every product innovator has their own process but we here at Dra...

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Understand Your Cash Flow in Manufacturing

Most hardware startups don’t fail because of the quality of their product or the technical ability of their team. Most hardware startups fail because ...

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Chinese New Year 2018

Happy Chinese New Year 2018!

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Hardware Startup Realities: The good, the bad, and the legal

Entrepreneurship can be a wild ride. People start companies because they have passion and a big idea—but they may lack knowledge about the legal proce...

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The Quality Plan - A Critical Piece of the Hardware Puzzle

When introducing the need to create a Quality Plan with our customers, we usually get a combined look of confusion and fear. There is an inherent assu...

Dragon Innovation factories factory selection Hardware Hardware journey Manufacturing product development selecting a CM Uncategorized How To Select A Factory

Working with the Big Guys' CM Doesn't Guarantee the Same Results


factories Manufacturing selecting a CM Uncategorized How To Select A Factory

Factory Selection: OEM vs. ODM

In a recent post about the Manufacturing Request For Quote Process, we briefly touched upon the difference between an OEM vs. ODM. To review, Contract...

certifications factories factory selection Hardware Hardware journey Manufacturing product development Quality 101 Uncategorized Ongoing Production How To Select A Factory

Certifications For Hardware Products: What you Need to Know (Part 3)

To conclude our certifications series, we review some of the major decisions you'll need to make along the way. If you haven't covered them already, d...

Hardware Manufacturing Uncategorized US Manufacturing

US Manufacturing Shines: Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at the TTI/Vanguard Making Things conference in Detroit. As part of the event, we were taken on a tour of the...

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