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Final Prototype

With a looks-like/works-like prototype, a stable BOM and CAD Package, it’s time to sharpen your estimates and de-risk your manufacturing plans.

Hardware Manufacturing prototyping Prototype Proof of concept Idea Phase New Product Introduction NPI

The New Product Introduction (NPI) Process: "Zero-to-One" is a lot different than “One-To-Many”

In anticipation of Halloween, I decided to build a robot to hand out candy.  It was great to take a break from thinking about manufacturing in high-vo...

cash flow Cash Flow in Manufacturing cost Dragon Innovation Hardware Manufacturing NPI Product Planner Prototype prototyping quality schedule Schedule 101 tooling

3 “Musts” of Manufacturing Mastery: Cost, Quality & Schedule

Manufacturing companies face any number of hurdles and issues on the path from an idea to a viable product. The success of your manufacturing company ...

Quality Management System Quality Planning Manufacturing Prototype Ongoing Production

Quality Planning in Manufacturing

When I bring up quality planning to new hardware startups, I usually get a combined look of confusion and fear. Facing creating a 30 page document ful...

Building DFA DFM Electronics Hardware Manufacturing Prototype quality Testing Uncategorized

Initial Concept to Design for Manufacturing: Prototype Properly in 6 Easy Steps

To prototype properly you'll need focus, help from friends and definitely creativity. Every product innovator has their own process but we here at Dra...

de-risk design Hardware Manufacturing Proof of concept Prototype prototyping purpose of prototyping user testing

The Purpose of Prototyping in Manufacturing

This is the first of a series of several posts about prototyping. We will cover a lot of concepts, from practical ideas to help you prototype faster a...

bom COGS crowdfunding DFM Engineering Hardware Manufacturing Planning Prototype

Prototype to Product: The Quick and Dirty

  Get your prototype ready for production with these quick tips

Dragon Innovation factories Hardware Hardware journey Manufacturing Quality 101 selecting a CM Uncategorized Prototype prototyping

The Quality Plan - A Critical Piece of the Hardware Puzzle

When introducing the need to create a Quality Plan with our customers, we usually get a combined look of confusion and fear. There is an inherent assu...

Dragon Innovation factories Hardware Hardware journey Manufacturing product development Zuli Home Prototype

Hard Facts: Challenges of a Hardware Startup (What to do, and what not to do)

The following was written by the team at Zuli Home, a Dragon Innovation customer. You can see the original post here.

battery regulations Hardware logistics Manufacturing product development Prototype

New US DOT Battery Regulations

The Federal Department of Transportation recently released updated regulations for the transport of lithium batteries (49 CFR Parts 171, 172, 173, and...

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