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You’re validating assumptions and rapidly iterating with off-the-shelf parts. Product Planner can help your Bill of Materials (BOM) structure and cost visibility, an Engineering Session will give you quick feedback, and cost estimates or Design for Manufacture (DFM) reviews will give you clarity on the next steps forward.

Dragon Innovation Hardware Hardware journey Manufacturing Product Planner Proof of concept US Manufacturing

Product Planner: Empowering Hardware Companies with Hardware Insights

Less than a year ago, we introduced the Dragon Standard BOM to give the hardware community a professional grade BOM template that helps them get start...

Dragon Innovation Hardware Hardware journey Manufacturing product development Proof of concept

Understanding Gross Margin in Hardware

Recently, Brad Feld published an insightful post on hardware gross margin. As a follow-up, I thought it would be useful to take a deeper dive into thi...

Hardware Hardware journey Manufacturing product development Proof of concept Testing specification document

Can Your Product Marketing Videos Be the Key to Your Specification Document for Manufacturing?

The hardware revolution is changing the way products are marketed, developed, launched, manufactured and sold. The major barriers to entry for startup...

Hardware Hardware journey Manufacturing product development Proof of concept

Introducing the Dragon Standard BOM

Over the last six years since starting Dragon Innovation and Bolt, I’ve talked with thousands of hardware companies and factories about how to start m...

product development Proof of concept

The Importance of Building Prototypes

The importance of building prototypes. It sounds like a simple and obvious concept, but it is more complicated than it seems. In the years I have been...

crowdfunding Proof of concept

Setting Up Your Hardware Crowdfunding Campaign | Crowdfunding 101

The involvement in compiling all of the assets for your crowdfunding campaign is often far more time consuming that most people anticipate. Below is a...

crowdfunding hardware startups Proof of concept hardware crowdfunding

Crowdfunding 101

Crowdfunding 101 – it's hard. Getting people to put down their credit card is tough for established retailers, let alone brand-new start-ups. When it ...

crowdfunding Proof of concept saving crowdfunding

Saving crowdfunding from destroying the hardware revolution

This article was featured as a guest post on GigaOM

crowdfunding Proof of concept power of crowdfunding

The Power of Crowdfunding and Early Market Validation

The power of crowdfunding enables young companies to harvest critical market data at almost no cost. Getting people to vote with their wallets and val...

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