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Turning inspiration into a tangible product takes time and discipline. Thinking about manufacturing at this stage will help save time later when you’re ready to work with us.

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Prototype to Product: The Quick and Dirty

  Get your prototype ready for production with these quick tips

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Top 10 Manufacturing Reasons Hardware Companies Fail

Having worked with hundreds of hardware companies and startups over the course of many years, you can say at Dragon Innovation that we've seen it all....

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Customer Post - iKubu: The Beauty of Dragon Innovation

The following post was authored by Franz Struwig, CEO/iKubu, a Dragon Innovation Customer.

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The Future of Hardware - Part 2: The Trends

As both the future of hardware and the way that hardware is manufactured continues to evolve, here are some of the important changes I see shaping the...

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This Cooler Raised $13 Million From Crowdfunding—But What Happens Next? Enter Dragon Innovation

The wild success stories of crowdfunding are becoming legendary. Take Coolest Cooler—an all-in-one outdoor entertainment solution that combines a 60-q...

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Future Of Hardware - Part 1: The Tools & Technology

With the explosive growth in the future of hardware over the last few years, I’m often asked whether we’re in a bubble; is this revolution sustainable...

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Engaging Your Network | Crowdfunding 101

The most critical aspect of a funded crowdfunding campaign is an engaged audience. Who is more engaged than your personal network? At a minimum, your ...


Setting Up Your Hardware Crowdfunding Campaign | Crowdfunding 101

The involvement in compiling all of the assets for your crowdfunding campaign is often far more time consuming that most people anticipate. Below is a...


Preparing for Launch | Crowdfunding 101

The Dragon Innovation team has seen funded campaigns all follow a similar path to success: preparing for launch. A combination of fully engaging your ...

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