[Watch] On-Demand Recording: Live Q&A on Quality in Manufacturing

While arguably the most critical aspect of your manufacturing planning, Quality often comes as an afterthought to Cost and Schedule.

Dragon Innovation Project Manager, Spencer Hartfeld, answered questions on Quality in Manufacturing for this live webinar recording, that has been packaged on-demand.

AMA quality spencer

5 "Key Takeaways" from the Live Q&A webinar on Quality in Manufacturing:

  1. PCBA testing procedures, QA strategy, process engineering and certifications.
  2. Does increasing the level of product quality mean increase in cost to manufacturing?
  3. What skills or role(s) do you need on your team to manage quality in manufacturing?
  4. Must-dos and priorities for quality with regards to consumer electronics.
  5. Do you need to be on site at your contract manufacturer's factory to maintain quality in manufacturing. And much, much more!

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