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[Watch] On-Demand Recording: Live Q&A: Sustainability in Manufacturing

Dragon Innovation CEO & Co-Founder, Scott N. Miller, and re:3D, Co-Founders, Matthew Fiedler and Samantha Snabes, were featured in a live Q&A session, answering questions on Sustainability in Manufacturing for this live webinar recording, that has been packaged to be watched on-demand.

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Examples of questions covered in the Live Q&A webinar on Sustainability in Manufacturing:

  1. Best ways to incorporate sustainability into consumer products and find sustainable manufacturers while still keeping product and development/production costs affordable
  2. Regarding materials selection during the design process, any tool you recommend? Especially to pick more sustainable/recyclable ones
  3. Are there any accreditations or standards for meeting Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals for manufacturing?
  4. Is using recycled material for products (PET, etc) actually more sustainable? What do the constraints on the use of recycled plastics look like from a manufacturing standpoint?
  5. What can companies ask to qualify if manufacturers have the capability to meet (or even surpass) "green goals?" (Reduce waste, decrease energy, etc.) And much, much more!

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