(Watch) Live Q&A Session on 'Manufacturing Packaging & Sustainability' with Scott N. Miller and Adam Peek

Scott N. Miller, CEO & Co-Founder, Dragon Innovation and Adam Peek, Host of 'People of Packaging Podcast', were featured in a live Q&A session, answering questions on 'Manufacturing Packaging & Sustainability' for this live webinar recording, that has been packaged to be watched on-demand.



Examples of questions covered in the Live Q&A session on 'Manufacturing Packaging & Sustainability':

  1. Do you have a manufacturing packaging checklist?
  2. Understanding more about what the most ecologically and ethically sustainable packaging materials are.
  3. What are the main criteria for sustainability regarding manufacturing packaging?
  4. What are the ways of keeping the cost of packaging down but not sacrifice its 'quality'?
  5. Have there been any studies about how much customers really value the "unboxing" experience? Companies seem to be investing a lot in their packaging these days - often at the expense of sustainability - and I'm wondering if the investment is really valued. Would customers actually value packaging that's explicitly designed to be as sustainable as possible even more? This question, in particular, applies to direct to consumer products that don't sit on retail shelves.


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