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Dragon Innovation at CES 2020

Last week, our team at Dragon Innovation attended the most popular consumer electronic event in the world: CES 2020. We had a great time connecting with current and future Dragon customers, hardware industry partners & friends, along with our colleagues at Avnet, Hackster, Newark, Element14, Farnell and Witekio.  

Eureka Park CES 2020

There are a lot of exciting things going on in the electronics and IoT space; here are a couple highlights that we saw:

  • Consumer Health Technology - Fancy massage chairs were again ubiquitous; we also saw downhill ski simulators and smart treadmills. The media made much of CES allowing “sex tech” onto the convention floors for the first time. Expect to see an even larger presence next year at CES 2021.
  • La French Tech - In Eureka Park, startups at the beginning of their hardware journeys are in 10x10 booths, side-by-side. It has been fun to see the presence of different geographies ebb and flow over the past years, but none more so than the La French Tech section with the rooster emblem indicating those francophile startups who made the trek to Las Vegas. We estimate about 15 to 20% of Eureka Park was occupied by French companies or services.
  • Flying cars, pod-mobiles and huge tractors, oh my! The LVCC (Las Vegas Convention Center) floor is a fascinating place. This is where some of the bigger players really showed off what the future could look like. Segway with their S-Pods, Uber and Hyundai’s partnership to build a flying quadcopter/taxi and really large John Deere industrial machinery.

Here are a few more highlights: 

Drinkworks - Dragon Innovation - Avnet CES 2020

Dragon and Avnet trying out our customer Drinkworks’ product at the Sands Expo -- many thanks for the cocktails!


Avnet CES 2020

Avnet’s meeting space in the Venetian ballroom was a happening, high-energy location for meetings and catching up.


Dragon Innovation CES 2020

Dragons from Seattle, Amsterdam, and Boston meet for a team dinner and on a lovely hike to recharge.


Dragon Innovation Nevada Hike 2020

What an exciting time to be involved in tech! With so much innovation and progress happening, we can feel the 'Year of the Rat' is going to be a good year!

Dragon Innovation CNY 2020 Year of the Rat

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