COVID-19 Open Source Projects and Resources

Updated: May 7, 2020

As we all continue to confront the global crisis of COVID-19, it’s been amazing to see the hardware and manufacturing community step up to contribute in so many different ways. From the 3D printing community to the open source design community, we’re all banding together to help fight this problem.

At Dragon Innovation, we aren’t trained medical experts, so we are not qualified to evaluate product designs for patient and healthcare worker safety - this evaluation must be done by medical professionals. 

However, we are experts in manufacturing from prototype through high volume production and can help with connections, distributing knowledge, manufacturing resources and assisting in manufacturing consumer electronics products that are approved by medical experts.

One way Dragon can help is by sharing relevant content on our social channels and listing open source projects on this blog for the hardware community to explore and contribute. 

We'll continue to update this blog with helpful and relevant information, so if you have knowledge of credible COVID-19 open source projects or resources, contributing to the efforts of helping solve this crisis, please submit them in the form below. 


Open Source Projects:


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