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Chinese New Year 2018

Chines New Year 2018

Happy Chinese New Year 2018!

Let us be the first to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! 2018 is the year of the Dog, specifically the Earth Dog. Earth Dogs are known for being good communicators, with an earnest, responsible perspective on life and business. 1958 was the last Earth Dog year, and the next one will be 60 years from now in 2078 (Fun Fact: Madonna and Michael Jackson are Earth Dogs).

Channeling the inner Earth Dog in all of us, here at Dragon we have put together a Far East Holiday calendar to help keep everyone on the same page. Feel free to use the image below or the downloadable calendar to share with your teammates and friends as you plan out the upcoming manufacturing year.

Download CalendarDownload the calendar

How This Calendar Can Help You

This calendar is perfect for:

  • Getting early insights into when your Far East team may be out of office. Remember, Chinese New Year (CNY) is a time when many people take two-week vacations (either before or after the official New Year on Friday, February 16th). During that time business communication may be slower, factories may be shut down, and staffing changes may happen
  • Understanding the differences and similarities in the holiday calendar for China and Hong Kong. Some of the holidays overlap, some do not. Keep this in mind when coordinating with your Far East team
  • Thinking about your production schedule for the full calendar year through holiday season 2018 (it will be here before you know it!)
  • Communicating with your team domestically and internationally any times of the year when you have already planned to be out of the office. The earlier you can let everyone know these dates, the better
  • Considering when you may want to go on a factory visit. These trips are always enlightening but require quite a bit of planning to get set-up. Starting the process now will put you in an excellent position to have a successful trip

2018 Far East Holidays

For More Information

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Interested in even more details of all the holidays and festivals on the Chinese calendar?
Here's a lovely website with all the specifics

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