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Engaging Your Network | Hardware Crowdfunding 101

The most critical aspect of a funded crowdfunding campaign is an engaged audience. Who is more engaged than your personal network? At a minimum, your goal should be to achieve 10% funding through your personal network within the first few days of a campaign. This is a minimum! Many experts out there will say that engaging your network should get you upwards of 25-35% of your funding.

This initial funding demonstrates a faith from your friends and family, which sets a solid foundation for conversions once PR placements and paid advertising kick in. Put it this way, a perfect stranger will hesitate to back your product if they arrive at a page where it’s clear that a team has been unable to get their closest friends and family to support them. 

Here are some recommendations of how to engage your personal network. It is important to layout your plan and start this marketing before your campaign launches. 


Email is one of the most effective marketing channels and is often the most critical aspect of a crowdfunding campaign.  The Tessel team saw phenomenal results from prepping their network with an email two weeks from launch. On their launch day, they sent out another email directing their contacts to their campaign page. Within hours of going live, their project blew past a $50,000 goal and eventually raised just under $200,000 from over 1,000 backers.

Social Media

Be sure to post your crowdfunding campaign to your social audience. If you’re offering early bird incentives, you can entice your social followers by giving them the first access to these deals. Be sure to post early and often. This is a great audience for asking them to share your message due to the platform’s ease of sharing posts. We'll explain more about social media in a future blog post.

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