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Setting Up Your Hardware Crowdfunding Campaign | Crowdfunding 101

The involvement in compiling all of the assets for your crowdfunding campaign is often far more time consuming that most people anticipate. Below is a list of the main components of a crowdfunding page, video, written content, and incentives, along with guidance on what to do and what not to do.

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Video is the best asset in your corner for crowdfunding. You can tell your story, build excitement, and ask for support all within 2-3 minutes. It’s important to invest in this asset as it is likely the only media you’ll be judged on.

What to do

  • Invest in a filmmaker, script, and camera. You can check out Dragon Innovation’s Resources if you need some suggestions.
  • Keep it to about 2 minutes - as our friends at Wistia say, video length matters!
  • Be clear, confident, engaging, and have fun!

What NOT to do

  • Just shoot it on a smartphone.
  • Create an informercial.


Written Content

Second to your video, written content on your page serves as a useful tool for people interested in hearing more about your product and story.

What to do

  • Tell your story. Crowdfunding lends a human touch different from traditional retail.
  • Optimism, optimism, optimism! This cannot be stressed enough. Backers want to feel swept up in the movement. Positive phrases/enthusiastic copy is the only thing we should be including.
  • Highlight the fact that you’re Dragon Certified - Backers like any and all reassurance that this product will get made.
  • Include lots of different images of the product. It’s recommended to include 3-5 images within your written content. Different angles, lightening, or framing may speak to different people. Make sure to give them options!

What NOT to do

  • Be long winded
  • Make ingenuous claims



Part of the Dragon services include helping to determine the pricing of your incentives. Being able to understand the range of prices to sell your base model at will give you a mathematical model for structuring your early bird, special promotions, and base model pricing.

What to do

  • Think about structuring incentives exclusive crowdfunding audiences.
    • Phrasing: "Offer only available on Dragon", "exclusive color available through crowdfunding campaign"
  • Ask what they want to see change in the campaign or for stretch goals
    • Direct them to the discussion forum in order to open up the communication lines

What NOT to do

  • Give people ancillary gifts. You’re in the business of building a company, not a t-shirt company.

Image from Atlas Wearables Indiegogo campaign

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