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Preparing for Launch | Crowdfunding 101 for Your Hardware Product

The Dragon Innovation team has seen funded campaigns all follow a similar path to success: preparing for launch. A combination of fully engaging your personal and professional network, PR placements, and paid media will get a quality project over the finish line. Going through these steps will help to put your campaign on the same track.

In order to fully familiarize yourself with crowdfunding basics and get you into the best practices mindset, we recommend reading the following articles:

Hardware Studio Connection

The foundational elements needed for a successful campaign are the same as establishing a business. Here are the foundational areas to review and have in place ASAP:

  • Start your social media accounts and grow your audiences. Here are some tips on growing your audience:
  • Gather and segment your email addresses into categories: close friends/family, business associates, email sign up list and so forth. Each and every team member should do this practice and then compile everything into master lists. Turn over every stone. Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium so that you have the ability to export your contacts there and add them to your email groups. All of a sudden you’ll notice you have a pretty significant group here!
  • Set-up a business website with email sign up as well as a blog page.
    • Begin communicating with your current personal network. Email, blogs, a personal website, or social media work well here.
    • Identify key players in your network and reach out to them.
    • Solicit feedback from your personal and professional network on your idea.

Interested in learning more about launching a successful campaign? Check out Hardware Studio, a partnership with Avnet and Kickstarter to help get you to your end goal of launching a successful product.

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