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CES 2015

on January 14, 2015

There's been a ton of coverage about the array of wearables and the momentum building around IoT.   Now that the dust has settled on CES 2015 we wanted to share a few of our favorites that stood out while we were walking the floor.


First V1sion Embedded Camera

First V1sion Embedded Camera

These Intel Wearable Tech finalists are incorporating cameras into athletic jerseys to provide a first person perspective of the game.



3D Systems printed musical instruments

3D Systems printed musical instruments.

They sounded great too - there was a live band playing them throughout the day.





A glove for line workers that automatically scans component parts and tracks data like tool use and cycle time.



These are just a few of the amazing new products that we saw at CES. Was there an unsung standout that you are still thinking about from the show?



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