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Water Hero | Dragon Certified

Dragon Certified products have been thoroughly reviewed by Dragon Innovation's engineers who give teams feedback to help understand COGS, manufacturability, and expected delivery timelines for a go-to-market strategy. This blog series highlights a Dragon Certified team to help understand more about the team's hardware development process.

Today's Dragon Certified feature is from Dan Sterling, CEO of Water Hero. We asked him a couple of questions so he can share his experience with the Dragon Innovation community.

What is Water Hero?

Water Hero is an affordable "smart" leak detection system that automatically protects your home from catastrophic burst pipes, monitors water usage to detect costly leaks, and alerts you to potentially frozen pipes.

What’s the biggest takeaway you want people to know about the Water Hero team?

We have a proven team with years of experience building successful companies and bringing products to market. That, combined with our Dragon Certification, allow our Kickstarter audience to pledge with confidence.

Did you have any rough patches along the way?

Product development took several months longer than originally planned. We took the extra time to do things right, which allowed us to make some product breakthroughs and improvements that enhance our original vision.

What was the most insightful piece of information you learned during the Dragon Certified process?

I was really impressed by the level of detail that the Dragon Innovation team invested to understand Water Hero. This helped in both product design, engineering, and making sure that we did not miss a single item for our BOM. For example, things like understanding the importance of "draft" with our plastic injection molding help cut our tooling cost in half and pay for our certification fee many times over.

Interested in learning more about Water Hero?

Water Hero can be found on Kickstarter or hear directly from the team below!

If you're interested in finding out if you're ready to be Dragon Certified, you can take your product through the Dragon Certification Pre-Qualifier

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