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on November 18, 2014

Our friends over at Flexport are doing amazing things to simplify the fulfillment process and have been kind enough to share some key learnings with the Dragon community. This post can be found on Flexport's blog.

Importing products from overseas remains mysterious. Most people have gotten the urge to bring home some awesome international product they discovered while traveling or surfing the web. Yet navigating the payments, logistics and customs clearance processes seems so complicated that most don’t dare try.

For too many people, importing is a black box. Those on the inside, especially in the freight and logistics industry, jealously guard their secrets from new importers. The entire industry seems to pride itself on its ability to price discriminate, gauging the little guys while reserving their best deals and service for the big companies that know the game.

Flexport's mission is to empower importers of all sizes with the knowledge and tools to compete in the global market. They want to help make a world where any two humans can trade with each other without regard for geographic, cultural, regulatory, or logistical boundaries.

In Flexport's view, the process of importing goods–this black box that is so confusing to so many–is actually quite simple. The money is made in selecting the right goods, at a price that leaves sufficient room to cover all your costs and then some, while building up the distribution channels you need to move the product in sufficient volume. That’s just basic business, and there’s nothing easy about it. But the actual importing part? It’s pretty easy.

If you're interested in learning more, Dragon Innovation highly recommends Flexport's Importing 101 E-Book.

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