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Design For Manufacturing - DFM Course 9: Quality

The next lecture in the Design for Manufacturing course is about Quality and will taught by Dragon Innovation's VP of Manufacturing and Engineering, Bill Drislane. The presentation was given in conjunction with the Test Design lecture, which will be published at the end of October. This lecture will focus on quality and how you achieve it.

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So first, what is quality? There are a few different meanings when it comes to product design and manufacturing. One of the most common revolves around meeting the customer's expectations. This is important because you can make a beautifully designed widget but if the customer isn't happy with it or does not understand how to use it, they will be unhappy. Another meaning is centered around manufacturing: Was the part made to print? Did it pass all it's tests? Additionally, a meaning can be product-based where it has a defining quality, one that no other product has, and is therefore is a quality of that product.

You can watch the full lecture with the accompanying slides below.

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Video by Williamson Visuals

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