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Hardware Teardown by Dragon Innovation

We hear you loud and clear. You like the Roomba Teardown but at over an hour in length, it's a commitment. The good news is -- through the magic of editing -- we've managed to cut it down to an easy to swallow twenty minute package with all the teardown goodness you desire. You are welcome.

Based off the positive feedback we received, (in person, on Twitter, at the bar!) it got us thinking that maybe we were onto something here. People like teardowns! Perhaps we could get our friends involved? Maybe we could solicit ideas from you? We're psyched about the idea so today we are launching the Dragon Innovation Hardware Teardown Series on our YouTube channel! To kick things off, check out the new version of the Roomba Teardown (and while you're at it, give us a like or a subscribe). While this video is around twenty minutes, we'll aim for ten minutes for future teardowns.

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We want to hear from you! In the comments section on this blog or on the YouTube video, give us some ideas for hardware products we can rip…uhhh...carefully take apart. Get creative, get crazy, we are game.

Video by Williamson Visuals

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