Design For Manufacturing - Design For Manufacturing - DFM Course 8 Part 1: Machining (CNC)

Course 8 will cover Machining and Stamping. First, we'll cover the overview of the typical parts you might find. Then we'll talk about the pros and cons for machining. After, we'll look at how the process works along with some of the design guidelines. Lately, we'll cover some of the common materials that you might use.

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Onto Machining, or as we refer to it: CNC (Computer Numeric Control); in that the computer is actually driving the cutting tool. The other process is just a manual process of a numerical bridgeport, which is great for prototyping, but does not really apply for high volume. Some examples of machined parts are precision gears, if you need the extra strength of a metal gear, different fittings connecting two parts, or drive components to transfer power.

The full course lecture and accompanying slides are below:

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Video by Williamson Visuals

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