Design for Manufacturing Course Rotomolding

Design For Manufacturing - DFM Course 7 Part 1: Rotomolding

on August 20, 2014

This Design for Manufacturing lecture will be part one of two main fabrication topics. Part one is Rotomolding, or Rotational Molding, and part two is Compression Molding.

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Rotomolding is one of the more esoteric molding techniques. It’s not as popular a technique as injection molding. One of the key attributes of a rotomolded part is that it has to be hollow. Examples of parts would be fuel tanks, storage containers, kayaks, outhouses, or doll heads. When Scott was at iRobot, he had the chance to build about 100,000 robotic interactive baby dolls. The following video and slides further expand on rotomolding. Also, be sure to check out Scott's description of "how babies are made."

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Video by Williamson Visuals

Scott N. Miller

Scott has been fascinated with hardware since he was old enough to hold a screwdriver. He worked on a robotic tuna fish, life-size robotic dinosaurs for Disney Imagineering, and robotic baby dolls with Hasbro, before joining iRobot where he was responsible for leading the Roomba team to scale the functional prototype to high-volume production of the first three million units.

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