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Design For Manufacturing - DFM Course Introduction

Among many things, Dragon Innovation‘s CEO, Scott N. Miller, is passionate about teaching. In 2010, Scott was invited to be an adjunct professor at Olin College of Engineering where he taught the Design for Manufacturing - DFM course. We’re excited to now offer this course to the hardware community in a series of videos and accompanying slides. First, learn more about Scott’s background and hear a brief introduction to Dragon Innovation in the video below.

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Scott loves being able to share learned experiences and knowledge with the next generation of students as they will be the ones fueling the hardware revolution. The Design for Manufacturing and Assembly’s lectures will cover pertinent hardware topics such as injection molding, die casting, stamping, picking a factory, understanding cost of goods sold, and more. An introduction to the course series is included below with the courses following. We release a new lecture every two weeks so subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on when new videos and slides are available!

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We think you’ll find each course educational whether you’re just embarking on your hardware journey or whether it’s an already well-traveled road. We welcome any feedback you have in the comments below.

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