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on November 03, 2013

Office Hours is a blog series from Dragon Innovation’s CEO, Scott Miller, where he talks about travel, hardware, legos–because who doesn’t love legos–and everything in-between.

While travel is not for everyone, I love it for many reasons. With Skype and email it has of course become easier to connect with everyone who has an impact on our business all over the world; our clients, potential entrepreneurs interested in working with us, even the Far East factories making our clients' products. However, I find the in-person connections are what really drive new ideas and innovation. My travels this past week included attending the RoboBusiness Conference where I participated on a panel discussing how to take a product from prototype to high volume, followed by a trip to New York for a really thought-provoking and fulfilling board meeting.

In getting the deck prepared for the Board meeting, one of the highlights was sharing the lessons learned working withHammerhead Navigation who just finished up with a raise of $190k above a $145k goal. It was incredibly rewarding to work so closely with this team.  We all knew there was something to this product and by coming together, strategizing and creating a cohesive marketing plan, we knew the project could be funded.  A word of advice to any team crowdfunding a project: never give up! There are always stones to turn, different angles to try and new consumers to convert. Through all of this, we've developed a great friendship with the Hammerhead team.  Traditionally when we engage with our clients with our manufacturing services, we set it up so that we are an extension of their team. It's rewarding to see this same model developing as we help our clients fund their products in order to take that next step in scaling.

On the subject of new products, we're happy to introduce Nodal Ninja TeraDribletand Fiesta-Five to the funding platform. While each unique, they all share similar traits: they're innovative, they can be built and delivered, and they all have great teams behind them. Some products may change the world, others may change your day and bring a smile to your face. When a product creates a reaction, there's something to it. We're psyched to help these teams on their journey to bring their products to their customers' hands.

As for me, time to board a plane to one of my favorite parts of the world, China! We'll meet up with the Dragon Far East team initially and then travel into Mainland China where we'll visit multiple factories both for the purpose of checking in on our current clients' manufacturing and then meeting with and vetting new CMs who we can connect for future clients' needs. It's always fun for me to bring people to China who have never been, so this should be an adventure with members of DragonBolt, and GrabCad along for the ride. I'm sure we'll have stories to tell. Until then, happy travels!

Scott N. Miller

Scott has been fascinated with hardware since he was old enough to hold a screwdriver. He worked on a robotic tuna fish, life-size robotic dinosaurs for Disney Imagineering, and robotic baby dolls with Hasbro, before joining iRobot where he was responsible for leading the Roomba team to scale the functional prototype to high-volume production of the first three million units.

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